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“The Circle of Security” Intervention Program: 2006-2007

Study of early child/parent attachment/bonding, and how early experiences influence the relationship and parenting style to provide a more secure attachment bond between child and parent so the child can flourish.

Pacific Gestalt Institute, Los Angeles: 2000-2003

This training focuses on working with the nuances of emotions, therapist-client interaction, common relational themes, and gestalt experiments that help therapist and client study what relational patterns are prevalent for this client.

Experts in trauma and early childhood field such as Bessel Van Der Kolk, Daniel Siegel MD, and Allan Shore, steep high praise how effective Pat Ogden's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy addresses trauma and early childhood issues. 

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Level I Trauma Training: 2007-2008

Sometimes the residue of traumatic events, can unconsciously mis-cue a chain reaction similar to the original event(s). Clear thinking becomes difficult, and reactions such as fight, flight, freeze or submit tend to take over. An adrenalin rush, racing thoughts, sudden anger or fear, intrusive disturbing thoughts, anxiety or shutting down, going numb can dominate—until awareness of the present moment is restored. These reactions often become habitual. To restore a sense of resilience, away from the residue of trauma, we gently and safely use mindful awareness to tap into the body’s own healing response. Once you can easily bring your awareness back to the present moment when activated, we start to release the forces that mis-cuing that trigger you. This allows your nervous system to restore balance, calm and diminish the number and intensity of triggers. The trauma experts strongly support the effectiveness of Pat Ogden's method for treating trauma.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Advanced Trauma Training: 2009

This course delved deeper into the causes trauma, and how to recognize the more subtle signs of it. Trauma can accumulate as multiple distinct fragments of experience, and thus must be approached as such.

Accelerated  Emotional Dynamic Processing (AEDP): 2014

As biologically social beings, when children are emotionally overwhelmed, without a safe person to help them through it, they can develop a fear of their own emotions. They can also develop elaborate defenses to avoid feeling that is no longer needed in adulthood. This therapy helps undo the fear and aloneness, providing the missing experience of warmth and safety. This can help a person regain balance, resilience and calm.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprograming (EMDR) at Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute: 2013

“EMDR…has been extensively researched and proven effective for treatment of trauma. EMDR has helped millions of people…to relieve many types of psychological distress.” (From EMDRIA website, the official website for EMDR). It works with neural networks of memory, and updates perspectives so they reflect present reality versus past distorted perceptions of reality.

Buddhist Psycho-Spiritual Psychology (John Welwood, PhD): 2007 - present:

Life’s challenges and triggers are seen as opportunities for growth and deeper connection with the essential self. When a person can invite in, allow, and observe whatever experience they are having, then they can access their deeper nature. These teachings integrate Western Psychology with Eastern Spiritual wisdom. This work focuses on being very present with a client to help them mindfully experience all facets of their being.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy Certificate Program: 2008-2009

A relationship-based trauma and developmental treatment for children, zero to five, and their families. This program was developed by Dr. Alicia Lieberman at UCSF/SFGH Child Trauma Research Project. She is a world renowned expert in her field.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Level II Developmental Training: 2014-2015 & Level III Certification in Training 2017-2018

​​Unlike insight oriented talk therapy, this is an experiential leading-edge strength-based model.  Unconscious patterns, often mistaken beliefs, influence how you view yourself, the world, your actions, relationships and your emotional experiences. Together, we get curious how old patterns impact your mind, body and emotions, facilitated by mindful awareness. We update old perceptions and assumptions to fit current reality. The idea is to move a client to viscerally understand how mistaken beliefs, such as "I'm flawed," was an unfortunate misinterpretation.

Post Graduate Specialty Trainings

Experience, Background and Training


  • Licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) 2003 (MFT # 40116).
  • Private practice since 2005, serving adults and couples.
  • Served adults, couples, children and their families at various clinics 1997-2007.
  • Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked for a medical malpractice insurance company managing litigated and non-litigated claims.

Professional Affiliations

  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, State Chapter: 1998-Present. 
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, San Francisco Chapter: 2013-present.  
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, East Bay Chapter, CEU Co-Chair 2006-2009): 2006-present
  • The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley, CA-Diversity Committee 2008-2009


  • The University of Santa Monica (USM), MA Counseling Psychology: 1998
  • The University of California (UCLA), BA Psychology 1985

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