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   Psychotherapy and Counseling to Help You Thrive
The great challenge in our busy world is to stay connected with ourselves—with our bodily felt experience, our living wisdom…and our depth.” John Welwood

Welcome. I help people tame their sabotaging impulses and distressing patterns. Consider these stumbling blocks as misguided ways to deal, when young, with overwhelming emotions, situations or unrealistic expectations.

I offer a dynamic, yet gentle, way of working that goes beyond insight, and promotes core level change. Together, we discover the wisdom spoken through the body's felt senses, using the mind-body connection and focused awareness. This leading-edge therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, is grounded in the latest research on effective treatment for trauma and early relationship issues. Another effective treatment method I use is EMDR for trauma and early emotional wounds.

see individuals and couples. I welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations. I work with various challenges:

  • Addictions (substances, eating disorders, workaholism, etc.);
  • Perfectionism or excessive self-criticism;
  • Feeling inadequate, worthless or wanting to become invisible;
  • Giving up too much of yourself to be in relationship (co-dependance);
  • Feeling incompetent or like a fraud/imposter syndrome;
  • History of childhood neglect, emotional wounding; physical or sexual abuse; 
  • Can’t say “No,” and then feeling overwhelmed with a too to do;
  • Avoiding conflict at all costs, especially at a cost to yourself;
  • Excessive shame or guilt;
  • Difficulty developing close relationships, or relationship power struggles;
  • Anxiety (hyper-vigilance, panic, racing thoughts, worrying, sleeplessness or a vague feeling looming doom) or 
  • Feeling dead, numb or often sad. 

Goals and outcomes might include:

  • Feeling truly yourself-who you were meant to be versus who you had to be; 
  • More ease and ability to live in the moment, enjoying life as it is; 
  • Greater self-acceptance, self-compassion or self-love;
  • Feeling emotionally available for close connection with others;
  • Feeling effective, competent or empowered to create desired change;
  • Setting reasonable limits;
  • Embracing, leadership roles, or
  • Feeling comfortable working with authority figures. 

My role is akin to an experienced gardner. Given the right conditions of guidance, warmth, mindfulness and a little humor, clients discover what frees them to heal and grow. I listen, from the heart, to my clients’ moment-to-moment experience so they feel deeply understood. I guide them to lean into their strengths, and use self-mastery experiences to further transform inner discord into greater harmony.

I invite you to contact me for a free phone consultation to see how I may be of service.

(510) 295-3270
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Joanne H. Davis
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