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Mindful Somatic Therapy, EMDR and Counseling to Help You Thrive
While I help people through challenges of daily life, I also help them make root level change-subtly felt at a gut level. Life is too short to be wrestling with old troublesome patterns, sabotaging impulses or triggering mind-sets--despite your best efforts to change them.

Typically, after working together, clients trust and like themselves better. They also find it easier to live more satisfying lives. Key is working with mindfulness, and the mind-body connection, to curiously study s
livers of experience in session (vs. simply trying to figure things out). This is the essence of Mindful Somatic therapy.

see individuals and couples. I welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations

Various concerns I commonly work with
  • Low self-esteem: low value, inadequate or wanting to become invisible;
  • Addictions: substances, eating disorders, workaholism, etc.;  
  • Relationships: communication issues, power struggles or avoiding closeness; 
  • Work stress, career dissatisfaction or feeling like an imposter;
  • Perfectionism or excessive self-criticism;
  • Co-dependance: giving up too much of yourself to maintain a relationship;
  • Can’t say “No,” taking on more than you can realistically handle or
  • Childhood trauma: physical, sexual or neglect

Frequent goals and outcomes: 

  • Self-acceptance and self-compassion-knowing in your gut there is/was nothing actually wrong with you-that your are valuable just as you are; 
  • Becoming your true self vs. continuing to exile parts of yourself, like emotions, often learned in order to fit into an ill-fitting family system; 
  • Healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • Embracing leadership roles and
  • Empowered choices to support a more satisfying life.
I use leading-edge approaches, well known for their effectiveness. My role is akin to a Gardner. With curiosity, guidance and empathy, clients can unearth the wisdom and self-compassion. This helps illuminate, and anchor, a more positive self-concept and a sense of agency. I listen from the heart, so clients feel understood and not alone. This work also invites humor and playfulness, especially when celebrating changes made that feel more grounded and alive.

I am privileged to witness and be a part of such growth. 

I invite you to call for a free phone consultation
to see how I might help.

(510) 295-3270
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