Berkeley & San Francisco's Financial District

Integrative Mindful Somatic psychotherapy for self-sabotage in Financial District. Integrative Mindful Somatic psychotherapy and EMDR for trauma in Financial District. Integrative Mindful Somatic psychotherapy for self-sabotage in Berkeley.

Frequent goals and outcomes: 

  • Low self-esteem: low value, inadequate or wanting to become invisible;
  • Addictions: substances, eating disorders, workaholism, etc.; 
  • Relationships: communication issues, power struggles or avoiding closeness; 
  • Work stress, career dissatisfaction or feeling like an imposter;
  • Self-acceptance and self-compassion-knowing in your gut there is/was nothing actually wrong with you-that your are valuable just as you are; 
  • Becoming your true self vs. continuing to exile parts of yourself, like emotions, to fit into a family;
  • Healthier and more fulfilling relationships; 
  • Embracing leadership roles and
  • Empowered choices to support a more satisfying life.

(License MFT # 40116)

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Psychotherapy and Counseling

Mindfulness-based Body-Centered Talk Therapy, Counseling & EMDR  I

Excellent mindfulness therapist Integrative Mindful Somatic psychotherapy and EMDR for trauma in Financial District

 Also, by listening from my heart, people feel supported and not alone in their journey. The work can be playfulI and humor is welcome. Celebrating gains made is as important as working with challenges. After all, becoming more authentic is  liberating! 

I invite you to call for a free phone consultation to see about working together, or if not a good fit I can provide a referral. 

I enjoy supporting people in changing self-sabotaging impulses, self-criticisms and stress. Life is too short to wrestle with anxiety, feeling stuck or unworthy.  ​Let's help you to thrive. 

After working together, people typically feel more confident, empowered and resilient. Defusing hijacking triggers frees up energy for making more self-supporting choices and  creating a better relationship with yourself and others, 

I am warm, engaged and collaborative. I use mindfulness-based Somatic Counseling, called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and EMDR-both proven effective in creating deep change. Together, we reinforce strengths and build new ones. Most change happens after studying a sliver of an experience for a felt sense of how an old pattern sabotages (vs. simply talking about it). This way, we tap into an inner wisdom for answers. It often feels  enlivening and integrating.

I see individuals and couples. I welcome all races, genders and sexual orientations. Common themes of working together include:

  • Co-dependence: giving up too much to be in to a relationship;
  • Can’t say “No,” taking on more than you can realistically handle;
  • Perfectionism or a reasonable effort isn't good enough, and
  • Childhood trauma: physical, sexual or neglect.